Python3 vs Ruby vs JavaScript

Just finished a BootCamp like myself and thinking about learning Python? You made a great choice as Python is the third most used language in today’s programming world.

If you want to learn about the top 10 popular languages in 2020 read my Classmate’s Ben story here :

My first impression learning Python thru was how easy to write code in Python, yet I was always comparing Python to other languages I know such as Ruby and JavaScript.

Python is very similar to Ruby in a way, yet I found a problem remembering Ruby methods after spending soo much time studying JavaScript.

So I decided every time I learn something new, I compare it to both Ruby and JavaScrip to reinforce my knowledge in JS and Ruby.

Which Python to learn, Python 2 or 3 ?

There are so many debates on that, but for conclusion, Python2 will officially retire at the end of 2022 while most companies are switching from Python2 to Python 3.

Now let’s Compare Python to JavaScript and Ruby!!

1- Data Types

  • In the screenshot below, I realized while studying Python how useful to check the data types in all three languages. and the difference was not that big, but the way to check the data type is.

2- Math Operations

  • Python comes really handy and easy, you don’t have to write code to check something like other languages, you can just check if (6 / 2 is 3) or use keys like or , and.

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